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May 2016
Posted by admin, May 2, 2016 6:13 pm


Monday May 23, 2016                       7:00 pm – 9:00pm

Wednesday May 25, 2016                10:00 am- 12:00pm

-This is a free class but PLEASE bring a canned food donation for the North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry Spring Food Drive.

A working actor or a frustrated actor.

Which are you?

According to a recent study by Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) opportunities for actors are expected to grow 11% during the next 10 years. The question is: will you be in the 11% who are getting these opportunities?

Your Career Is Talking. Loren Is Listening.

In today’s ever changing entertainment landscape the room for error is razor thin. Knowing how to be your best, when it matters most in that audition, will make the difference between your name being up in lights or your career going down in flames.

During this eye opening and engaging workshop, Award-Winning Director and one of the top Acting Coaches in America, Loren E. Chadima, will provide a simple and practical technique that will bring out your very best performance, even in the toughest of auditions.


• Establish career defining relationships with Casting Directors as you audition.

• De-clutter your acting brain to uncover the hidden clues in the script.

• Use the 9 questions of Intentional Acting to bring out your best and really connect in the scene.

• Intuitively know how, when and where to adjust for the camera.

• Identify where your audition is being derailed and get back on track instantly.


Are you serious about taking your acting to the next level? Then this workshop is for you!



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Posted by admin, May 11, 2016 4:53 pm

One of the ways professionals know that a famous painting is real is by its flaws. The more perfect the painting is, the more evident that it is not authentic. Many say, that it is the flaws that make the painting so beautiful. This is also true in acting.

Charlise Theron and Hallie Berry didn’t get their Oscars for being beautiful, perfect, and in control. They got it for their roles in MONSTER and MONSTER’S BALL where they were literally considered monsters of one sort or another. I bet, if you asked them how they felt while doing the roles, they  would say they felt afraid, uncomfortable, and vulnerable.

Are you willing to be uncomfortable in your scene work, or do you pick safe choices which lack a personal emotional investment? When you feel vulnerable during or after a scene, do you consider it a sign that you’re on target or do you stop the scene, change intentions, or quit class?

Be willing to fail, look imperfect, be vulnerable. Spend some time getting comfortable with uncomfortable feelings. This willingness will expand your emotional range and allow you to be truly authentic. And that’s who will book the job – the authentic you.

Share your thoughts on this topic – are you willing?

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Posted by admin, April 27, 2016 9:49 am

Check out Sharon Batan in this Amica commercial! Watch Sharon Here!

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Posted by admin, April 25, 2016 9:02 pm


-Headshot, Reel, and Audition Tape Review
Ten-minute limit. Subject to availability.

Your credit or debit card will automatically be charged on the 25th of every month.

There are NO REFUNDS.

There are NO MAKEUPS.

Student must email and give a 30 day notice to cancel their space in class and/or to stop auto-deduction from a credit card.  Without notice student will be responsible for the next month’s tuition.

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Posted by admin, 8:31 pm

So proud of two of my clients who are on Netflix show Distinguished Gentlemen!  Kayla Assimacopolous plays Tracy and Angel Dally plays Janice.  Way to go you two!














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Posted by admin, April 22, 2016 3:19 pm

Don’t forget to set your DVR for tomorrow night, April 23 at 8pm EST to TV ONE’s original movie Second Sight to watch my client Jessica Pressley!

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Posted by admin, April 20, 2016 9:59 pm

Kacey Fifield was nominated for TWO awards at the Young Artists Awards, Best Young Actress in a web series and Best Young Actress in as short film.  Keep it up Kacey!



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Posted by admin, 12:36 am

I’m posting this article by Dallas Travers about Scott David being fired.  Casting Director Workshops have become an important part of your business, whether you like them, agree with them or not.  And you as the business owner – the CEO of your acting career – need to stay up to date.

I also recommend having a coach for the Business of showBusiness and I highly recommend Dallas Travers.  This article is one of her Free Acting Business Bites, which I suggest you sign up to receive.  I completely agree with everything she says.  Read it thoroughly and click on the link and read the Hollywood Reporter article as well.

Although Casting Workshops are set up as an “acting class,” they should not be a replacement for acting class.  Class should be a safe place to make mistakes, explore, and try new things outside of your comfort zone.  An acting teacher should be teaching you a process of acting and how to prepare for auditions and meetings with Casting Directors.  This is how you grow as an actor.

Yes, you can get great tips from Casting Directors, but you’re going to the workshop to make relationships and to stand out. You need to be one of the top two or three actors in the workshop to be remembered. This is how workshops can lead to booking work.

If you’re not standing out as one of the top two or three in the workshop, then I recommend getting back into acting class.  In Intentional Acting classes, you can use your class time to prepare your workshop scenes and bring the feedback from the Casting Directors and work on improving in the areas they see as weak.

Please take the time to read Dallas Travers’ Acting Business Bites: What Scott David’s Firing Means For You.

Also, here is the article from the Hollywood Reporter.

Intentional Acting is here to help, please let me know how.



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Posted by admin, 12:28 am

Be Sure to check out Jessica Pressley in TV ONE’s original movie premiere on April 23rd a8pm EST.


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Posted by admin, April 14, 2016 9:00 am

Marcel Pullard is killing the game!  He booked 2 more commercials, Kool-Aid and USA Swimming.  Way to go!

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Posted by admin, April 12, 2016 8:00 am

This is an excerpt from actor Jane Lynch’s commencement “YES AND” speech at Smith College.

“YES AND” is the vital and only rule of improvisation. Never deny your fellow actor. You should be willing and able to accept whatever your fellow improviser throws at you. Use that as your jumping off point and expand it.

Heighten and Explore. For instance, if I say to you “Stick ’em up!” and you say “That’s not a gun, that’s your finger!” We’ve got nowhere to go. If I say “What a beautiful day” and you say, “No it’s not, it’s the middle of winter and it’s snowing!” Where do we go?

In order for our scene to go forward, we affirm what the other is saying, which is the “YES” and take it and build on it with “AND.” And in order for our lives to go forward to engage fully in life, we need to be willing and able to accept what is right in front of us. Whatever it is, the good, the bad, the thrilling, the heartbreaking, every emotion, occurrence, event, person, place or thing, you will experience them all. That’s the “YES” I’m talking about. And the acceptance and embrace of it with all your heart and doing something with it, that’s the “AND.”


YES, Jane! AND I would add that living in “YES AND” allows you to BE IN THE MOMENT which is an essential tool for a great actor and a happy human being.

If you’re an actor or know someone who is feel free to share this article on being present with those you believe could benefit from it. Thank you.

Remember, as an actor, you’re part of an inspiring community. Share your experiences in the comments below. This is your inspirational story and can serve as a valuable learning tool for others.



Acting should be simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. If you’re an actor or you know someone who is, there is no better moment than now to make the intention to take full control of your acting career and live the dream you were born to.

Call 818-325-5752 or email me at to interview and sign up for the next Intentional Acting class today.

In the meantime, to learn more about Intentional Acting and the 9 Questions that frame the work do with actors of all ages visit


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