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Posted by admin, August 31, 2017 4:18 pm

Free Audition Class for Young Actors & Parents

Confident Self Tapes

In Person Saturday, Feb 17th at 1:00pm

or ONLINE Saturday, Feb 24th at 10:00am

in North Hollywood

Have you ever gotten a request for a self tape due by the end of the day…

BUT between work, school, and soccer practice, and getting food on the table, there’s just not enough time to help your young actor prepare?

I have a solution for you.

I’m Loren E. Chadima and I’m an Award-Winning Director and Acting Coach and the founder of Intentional Acting. I’ve created a free acting class that will introduce you to replicable techniques to help you and your young actor prepare and shoot self tapes, in under an hour, that you feel confident sending to casting.

Register Now

In this class, you and your young actor will learn how to:

  • Breakdown the script.
  • Find the key components casting is looking for in minutes.
  • Discern if the material is comedy or drama, Disney or TNT, Cable of network, and what that means.
  • Memorize effectively so your young actor’s personality comes out on the tape.
  • Use production techniques, that are used on professional sets, to make high quality videos quickly and efficiently.

…And do all this in under an hour.

This is not a lecture! Come prepared to get up and work.

Are you and your young actor ready to stop winging self tapes and want to learn a technique that will leave you feeling confident every time you press send?  Then this FREE class is for you.


Saturday, Feb 17th IN PERSON

or Saturday, Feb 24th Online

Posted by admin, August 16, 2017 10:13 am

Question 7:  What is at stake if I don’t get what I need?

We’ve all heard it, “Raise the Stakes!”.  When an actor hears “raise the stakes” from a director, casting director, or teacher, they think they need to be more intense, more excited, or speak faster or louder.  Raising the stakes in a scene is none of those.

Today we are discussing Question 7: What is at stake if I don’t get what I need? What does it actually mean to raise the stakes?  What does it mean to have something at stake in a scene?  An easy way to put it is, when something at stake, it’s going to cost you something or you’re going to…..



Posted by admin, August 14, 2017 10:00 am

Question 6 : What am I listening for?

Today we are discussing Question 6; What am I listening for? Listening is REALLY IMPORTANT and I’m sure you hear it all the time.  Teachers, Casting Directors, Directors will say over and over again to listen.  And you probably feel overwhelmed because you say “Okay, I’m listening. I’m listening.” and aren’t really sure what else you can do.

What I know now is that acting is not about listening, it’s about listening for something.  In this video, I’ll explain to you and help you understand what that really means and how you can apply it to your next audition.

Posted by admin, August 10, 2017 5:04 pm

Question 5; Motivation:  Why do I have to get my Intention right now?

A lot of times I’ve heard Motivation lumped in with objective, goal, intention, what do you need.  But it is completely different and comes from a different part of your brain.  People have intentions all the time.  “I want to quit smoking” or “I want to lose weight” BUT most people don’t have any motivation to do it.  A lot of us have wanted to lose a little weight at some point in our lives, but we didn’t.  Why didn’t we?  Because we lacked MOTIVATION.

I have the perfect example of motivation with intention.  Check out this weeks Acting Tip to hear about it.


Posted by admin, August 9, 2017 8:54 pm

Check out my interview with the very cool and interesting website Voyage LA.  They are the absolute guide to everything Los Angeles.



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