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Posted by admin, February 8, 2014 8:29 pm

Intentional Acting “Script Analysis” TeleSeminar


Have you ever prepared for an audition and later found out that you missed an important clue in the script that might have cost you the job?

Do you resort to “Making Stuff Up” when you’re breaking down a script?

If you answered, “Yes” you’re not alone.  Many actors do because they overlook the value of essential script analysis skills needed to book the job.

In this eye-opening, 45-minute Free TeleSeminar Loren will introduce you the 7 keys you need to break down a script quickly.

By the end of this 45-minute career-altering introduction to Script Analysis you will learn a replicable formula for easily uncovering the critical clues for delivering a great performance by learning:

  • The importance of the page number
  • What answers lay in the title
  • How the format of the script will tell you whether it is Drama or Comedy.
  • And you’ll also discover that your biggest friend is the question, “Why?”
  • How to uncover and make sense of the clues of a script for your performances.
  • Why 98% of the time the writer is telling you everything you need to know to make the strongest acting choice.

If you are ready to stop making up the story of the script and instead quickly and easily find all the clues on the page to create a performance of a life-time then this FREE TeleSeminar is for you.


Simply dial into the call, take notes and experience a new way of finding the clues in the script which will help you book the job.

Email Loren to book your spot on the next Teleseminar:

Why should you take time out of your busy schedule to be on this TeleSeminar?    It’s simple. Your acting career is worth it.


You are currently browsing the archives for the Upcoming Classes/Events category.

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