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Posted by admin, November 28, 2013 1:43 am

The number one thing an actor needs to be successful is an Attitude of Gratitude.  It’s absolutely true because the opposite is either entitled or desperate – both which are casting repellents.

Casting Director, John McCarthy, says you should be grateful if you even get an audition – you’ve been selected from a pool of over 2000 submissions!  He also says that if you book the job it’s like winning the lottery!

I speak to actors from all over the country and the world and what they would give to be in Hollywood pursuing their dream!  If you’re here – be grateful.

I’m so grateful to you, my readers, my students – you allow me to make my living as a creative person.  I know I’m very lucky that coaching and teaching wonderful actors is my job.  Thank you.

I’m grateful that my teachings have helped and inspired so many to reach their dreams and goals.  I want to acknowledge some great actors who have booked jobs recently:

  • Adrian Black – The Cobbler with Adam Sandler
  • Mason Douglas – All I Want for Christmas with Shannon Doherty and Antonio Sabato Jr.
  • Renee Santos – Stand Up & Deliver
  • Becky Paz – PSA: Break the Box
  • Peter Harris – Pilot with Bill Duke Directing
  • Keith Nagel – Mobster Kids premieres December 7th

Unfortunately in Hollywood, there is no second place.  So, I want to acknowledge the actors who have gotten soooo close lately:

  • Josh Douglas
  • Morgan Styers

Thank you for making my look so good!


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  1. beautyforyou says:

    Thanks for the article. Attitude of Gratitude is very important on the stage.

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