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Posted by admin, April 29, 2015 5:13 pm

Fighting for your intention is what propels your character (and your performance) forward.  Once you figure out what your objective is and what you’re fighting for, here are the next steps:

What stands in your way? Conflict.  Once you’ve determined what you want to fight for,  figure out what’s keeping you from getting it. Go back to part 4 of Question #1:  what is the conflict in the scene?  Is girl of your dreams in love with the quarterback?  Is a co-worker taking credit for your ideas and getting closer to the promotion you want?  Clearly define your obstacle so you can plan the most interesting way to get around it.  For instance:  If your character comes to a rope bridge with missing planks, you could turn back.  Or, you could decide to cross by going hand-over-hand on what’s left of the rope railing.  Which sounds more interesting to watch?  The most difficult obstacle will almost always be the most interesting choice…and will keep your audience engaged!

Prepare! Always.  All of these steps have to be completed BEFORE you go into the audition or onto the set.  Read your script for clues, do the 9 Questions and fight for your intention.  It will ALWAYS help you to get lost in the scene while creating a natural, compelling performance.


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