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For you, it’s more than just acting. It’s your life.

So give your career more than just another acting class.

Adult Classes

Beginners Advanced Cold Reading Script Analysis

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You’ve been seeking the moment since you chose to be an actor.  It’s the moment you feel connected to the other actor and you forget anyone is watching you.  In this moment everything you do and say flows harmonically, naturally and effortlessly.

The moment and feeling of being in the “Zone” is elusive, yet, it is not impossible to replicate when and where you need it most.  This is where Loren E. Chadima’s acclaimed Intentional Acting comes in.

Your Career Is Talking. Loren Is Listening.

Led by Award-Winning Director and one of the top Acting Coaches in America, Loren E. Chadima, Intentional Acting not only teaches the art of acting thorough script analysis, but also utilizes the nine (9) Intentional Acting questions that are at the center of all acting – doing.

Intentional Acting is designed to empower actors with the tools to create compelling, natural “Zone” performances. The tools, principles and methodologies taught through Intentional Acting will help the actor to be confident, creative, present and passionate which results in higher success rates for the actor to secure the job and fulfills their dreams.

What do you learn at Loren E. Chadima’s Intentional Acting?

To consistently bring out your best when it matters most.

Intentional Acting classes teach a repeatable technique that will get you in the “Zone” when you’re not; keep you in the “Zone,” so you don’t lose it; and help you recreate that “Zone” performance when it matters most.

To help you bridge the gap between inconsistency and being able to deliver brilliant performances on cue we have developed four specific classes for both the actor who is just starting out and for the seasoned, working actor.

Experience Loren’s Teaching Now.


Your acting career is ready. Are you?

If so, call 818-325-5752 or fill out the form below to schedule an interview with Loren and determine if Intentional Acting classes are right for your career.

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