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December 2018

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Intentional Acting Cold Reading Classes



When you get that cold reading and you have less than five minutes to figure it out, does your brain goes into overdrive?

All you can think is: how many lines do I have?

What are my lines?

What’s my character?

Then all of a sudden your time is up and you go into the room, and all you can do is just pray that you’ll get it right. And then, the Casting Director wants to change the direction of your work. What do you reach for? And with all this, who has time to build a relationship with the Casting Director?

In today’s ever changing entertainment landscape the room for error is razor thin. Knowing how to be your best, when it matters most in that audition will make the difference between your name being up in lights or your career going down in flames.

In this five-week, career defining class, you’ll learn how to take those few minutes and use them most productively. You’ll know how to pull out the strongest choices from the text, as well as, the right questions to ask yourself, so you can walk in and nail it, while being open to the Casting Director’s requests. You’ll do all this in less than ten minutes, and you’ll find out how to build your relationship with the Casting Director, as you do it.

• 5 week course (3 hrs per-class)
• Location: Historic Lankershim Art Center (North Hollywood)
• No Class Size
• Pre-Requisite: Script Analysis TeleSeminar

Are you ready to take control of your acting career? If so, it’s time to call 818-325-5752 or fill out the form below to schedule an interview with Loren and determine if Intentional Acting for Cold Reading Classes is the right class for improving your cold readings and booking more jobs.

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