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Posted by admin, June 12, 2013 1:46 am

No, you’re an actor. But, do you play Casting Director when you walk into an audition and you see a recognizable actor waiting at your audition? Do you use what you think the Casting Director wants to decide how you will do the scene?

In class, an actress finished her scene and was unhappy.  She told me that she held back because in “Real Life” she would tear into the guy.  She didn’t want  to tear into him because she didn’t think that a Casting Director would want that much anger.

I asked her to do the scene again, the way she would in “Real Life.” The scene was brilliant.

She said that if this was her audition, she would have nailed it.  Because she had made a choice based on what was true for her. My next question was: “Are you a Casting Director?”

You can’t work from what you think the CD wants, to make your acting choices. Simply, because you DO NOT know what the Casting Director wants. Instead, focus on how you relate and how you would behave in that situation, then choose your intention, from there.

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