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Posted by admin, February 12, 2014 2:43 pm

The audition just ended, you walk out of the room and you’re still wearing the glow from the performance. Now what do you do next, other than remember to breathe?

As my friend Brian from Performer Track says, “Don’t just leave. Sit down in the waiting room and remember what happened during the audition.” In other words, write down your experience.

What Do You Write?

Whether you write your experience in a notebook, phone or check out Performer Track, it is imperative that you write it down and capture the essence of what just unfolded in the audition. Your experience cannot simply be logged in your head because it is likely you will end up overlooking the key pieces to your performance that will be important to remember for your call back.

So what do you write?

  1. Who were all the people in the room? (Don’t know? Kindly ask the assistant.)
  2. What were the adjustments they gave you?
  3. What did they say?
  4. Pull out your 9 Questions of Intentional Acting. Answer them according to what you did in the audition room. (If you don’t know these crucial questions for acting please message me here on Facebook or email me at and I’ll email them to you.)
  5. Be sure to write down anything else remarkable you can remember about the experience.

You’re Ready For Your Callback

After writing down your experience you will be much more aware of exactly what you did and how to do it again. Now you’re ready for your callback.

And yes – wear the same thing, unless they tell you otherwise. Notice I say WHEN you get the callback, not IF.


If you’re an actor or know someone who is feel free to share this article with those you believe could benefit from it. Thank you.

And if you’re an actor and have experience with writing down your thoughts after an audition don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below. Who knows, your input just might make the difference in preparing and inspiring a fellow actor in such a way as to change the course of someone’s career and life.



Acting should be simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. If you’re an actor or you know someone who is, there is no better moment than now to make the intention to take full control of your acting career and live the dream you were born to.

Call 818-985-8504818-985-8504 or email me at to interview and sign up for the next Intentional Acting class today.

In the meantime, to learn more about Intentional Acting and the 9 questions that frame the work I do with actors of all ages visit



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