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Posted by admin, August 15, 2012 12:31 pm

One of the ways professionals know that a famous painting is real is by its flaws. The more perfect the painting is, the more evident that it is not authentic. Many say, that it is the flaws that make the painting so beautiful. This is also true in acting.

Charlise Theron and Hallie Berry didn’t get their Oscars for being beautiful, perfect, and in control. They got it for their roles in MONSTER and MONSTER’S BALL where they were literally considered monsters of one sort or another. I bet, if you asked them how they felt while doing the roles, they ¬†would say they felt afraid, uncomfortable, and vulnerable.

Are you willing to be uncomfortable in your scene work, or do you pick safe choices which lack a personal emotional investment? When you feel vulnerable during or after a scene, do you consider it a sign that you’re on target or do you stop the scene, change intentions, or quit class?

Be willing to fail, look imperfect, be vulnerable. Spend some time getting comfortable with uncomfortable feelings. This willingness will expand your emotional range and allow you to be truly authentic. And that’s who will book the job – the authentic you.

Share your thoughts on this topic – are you willing?

One Response to “Are you willing?”

  1. Roy Barnett says:

    This is a great challenge not only in acting but in every day’s life. I have to give it a try. Thanks

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