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Posted by admin, November 6, 2013 1:24 pm

How do you prepare for an audition when casting doesn’t give you a script? A student auditioned for Woody Allen – Woody doesn’t let the script go out of the room.  Here is the process I recommended to the actor and his mother. (The Casting Director later said he was the number one choice for the role!)

#1 priority is that you understand the scene and that you know the meaning of everything you’re saying, so take the 9 Questions to your audition.

When you get the script, focus on the Question #1: What is the scene about? Answer the bullet points:

  • What is the relationship?
  • Where does it take place?
  • If what happened the moment before isn’t clear, just keep going to the next bullet point.
  • What is the conflict? This is the number one thing I see actors forget in their auditions.  Ask yourself: what is the problem between the other character in the scene and my character?  What is it that I want and they don’t want me to have? = Conflict.

Then find as many ways as possible to relate to the scene (Question #2). If the experience (Question #3) doesn’t come to you quickly, focus on the Intention (Question #4) what do I NEED the other person to say or do?

Next ask yourself if there are any lines that you don’t understand – don’t take anything for granted. Then read the scene again – making sure you know what everything means and clarifying your intention – what you want the other person to feel or do.

Now that you understand the script better, before or as you go in the room, remind yourself to get your eyes off the page and to connect to your reader with your intention.

If you still have time, finish going through the last five questions.


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