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Posted by admin, January 24, 2013 2:17 pm


I’ve started taking cellphones from my students at the top of class.

Remember waiting in a line – without a cellphone?

If you can’t remember, try it. Just once. Notice what happens. My guess is the first thing you will feel is anxiety, “Where is my  phone?????” A feeling like the world is ending. Hold on past that feeling and notice… you might just discover something in the environment that will inspire you – or maybe not – and that’s okay too…just be.

We’re artists, storytellers. Artists breathe in their world and look at it with a childlike wonderment. We can only do this if we stop and notice this moment.  We can’t do that with our heads buried in a cell phone.

Being present, being in the moment, is simple and yet the most elusive, difficult and compelling thing an actor does. Being in the moment is also the number one thing that a Casting Director wants from an actor.

Start being in the moment in your life and see what it does your auditions, scene work and cold readings. Just for a week: notice when you pick up your phone and notice what happens after you put it away.

Put down the cell phone.  Just be.  And share below what you discover.

After writing this blog, I went to a play. During the intermission, I was in the lobby, not on my phone, but the Director of the play was on her phone – so I didn’t go up to her and congratulate her on her great work.  Being on the phone keeps people, and their compliments, at a distance.


2 Responses to “Get Into The Moment”

  1. Sierra Lynne Mills says:

    I just wanted to thank you so much for the coaching session the other day. It was more than a coaching session, and I needed every second of it. You have helped me so much. I thought you would like to know how my shoot went. It.went.FANTASTIC! Better than I ever could have wished for.

    ~Sierra Lynne Mills

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