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Posted by admin, March 31, 2015 5:50 pm

Pilot season hasn’t gone as you wanted and now you’re looking for a breakthrough?

Create your own!

Here’s how:

Identify Your “Breakthrough” Goal. Your goal should be: MAPS.  Measurable, Attainable, Personal and Specific.  The idea here is to create a goal that motivates you to go outside your comfort zone – something that will be a “breakthrough” for you.


Develop A Plan With Milestones…and Deadlines! This is the core of your plan.  It should include a breakthrough goal, a timeline, and an action plan. Be specific!  (Why is it important to you?  What’s the outcome?)  Share it with your team to get their feedback, then make adjustments as needed.


Get Support. Yes, you heard it: your team.  You can’t do it alone.  No one can.  So why try?  There are so many great ways to support your journey!  Try these:


1. Create Accountability Buddies. Find an individual with whom you can talk on a daily basis.  And create a group of like-minded actors with whom you can meet on a weekly basis.  Pick helpful, supportive, positive people.  No judging or shaming allowed!  Set your goals together, then report to each other on your progress.  Just the fact that you have to report in will keep you focused and on track.


2. If you’re not in one already, GET INTO CLASS! If you’re uninspired by the class you’re in, get into a new one!  Every time a student joins my class with a specific goal and commitment, amazing things start to happen.  When you’re inwardly committed, the outside world will come to meet that commitment.  Plus, what better way to create a supportive acting community than to be in a class full of inspiring fellow actors every week?


3. Get a private coaching/consultation. Take an hour and enlist professional support for your goal.  Get help refining your breakthrough goal and mapping out ways to achieve it.


Keep Your Eye on the Prize. Print out your goal and post it near your desk, near your bed – any place that you see it often.  And make sure to keep a copy of it in your Acting Notebook!  Remember:  the more you see it in writing, the more you’ll see it in your life.


Claim Your Breakthrough. Affirm your breakthrough goal on a regular basis.  Okay…you might think affirmations are hokey, but there’s scientific evidence that when you affirm something — it happens!




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