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Posted by admin, July 28, 2011 5:12 pm

In auditions often you can get a redirect that doesn’t make sense to you. This often derails an actor.  So to turn what may feel like a audition going bad in to a good one – ask a question. Here’s how I recommend to ask:

Part 1: Repeat the direction they gave you. “I heard you say you’d like me to do…”

Part 2: Acknowledge that you will do the direction they gave you. “…which I will do.”

Part 3: Take responsibility. “I’m a little confused because…”

Part 4: Ask for clarity. “Could you please clarify?”

I can’t stress enough how important Part 3 is.  Do not argue with the director  “But the script says…”  And certainly don’t try to prove him or her wrong.

If you still think they’re wrong, do as they ask, and assume they are asking you for a very good reason.  Because they probably do have a reason that you don’t know about, i.e. the guys in the suits (producers, network, client) want it this way.

2 Responses to “Part 2 Dealing with Confusing Redirections”

  1. Gitte says:

    Many thanks for your tips. They have really helped me a lot.

  2. david says:

    very nice blog, I am glad I found it

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