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Posted by admin, January 12, 2011 11:57 am

What I love about acting is that I get to behave in ways, that in real life I have to censor, in order to be a polite, socialized person. Many actors struggle when their good training from “Mom” gets in the way of their scene work.

When we’re polite, our scenes lack conflict, drama and stakes. Believe me, I understand this one. My acting teacher always told me I was being too polite in my scene work. And now my writing coach says the same thing about my script!

So when you’re acting – TAKE EVERYTHING PERSONALLY! Yes! Let it in, let it hurt, let it sting, let it feel good, hear it, feel it, and respond to it -TAKE EVERYTHING PERSONALLY!

And on the other side of things: GET A REACTION OUT OF THE OTHER PERSON. Don’t be polite! Poke, prod, tickle, get under their skin! Get a reaction – any reaction. Just make the other people in the scene feel or do something now. So stop being polite – in your scene work that is!

Have you found yourself being “too polite” in your scene work?  How have you addressed this area of your acting?  Share your experiences by commenting on this blog post.

Remember, as an actor, you’re part of a community and your experience – which is your story – can serve as a valuable learning tool and inspiration for others.

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