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FAQ – For Child Actors & Their Parents



What is Intentional Acting?

Intentional Acting is designed to empower actors with the tools to create compelling, natural “Zone” performances. The tools, principles and methodologies taught through Intentional Acting will help the actor to be confident, creative, present and passionate which results in higher success rates for the actor to secure the job and fulfills their dreams.

Led by founder, Loren E. Chadima, Intentional Acting not only teaches the art of thorough script analysis, but also utilizes the nine (9) Intentional Acting questions that are at the center of all acting – doing.

Click here to learn more about Intentional Acting and how it came to be one of the most sought after classes for new, continuing and seasoned actors.

What are the 9 Questions of Intentional Acting?

The nine questions of Intentional Acting are the acting principles found in all major acting techniques: Intention or Objective, Motivation, The Event of the Scene, Stakes, Connection, Using Personal History, Substitution. With Intentional Acting, however, these principles are formed into questions that will trigger the actor to make immediate experiential choices.

The questions are also put in a specific order, designed to build on one another in a sequential order. This results in a repeatable technique that creates consistent, personal, engaging and spontaneous performances.

The Intentional Acting questions can also be a highly effective and a practical tool for evaluating auditions and performances. Read all 9 questions here.

Who is Loren E. Chadima?

Named as one of the “Best Acting Coaches in the United States” by the American Federation of Performing Artists, Loren’s passion is giving adult and child actors the necessary skills to succeed in the businesses of acting and in life.

Loren’s students have been seen in popular feature films, such as, Norbit and The Crucible, television in shows, such as, Desperate Housewives, Make it or Break it, Grey’s Anatomy and in numerous commercials for notable brands, such as, Acura, Legoland, and Pepsi.

Loren is a graduate of The AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women and her award winning film, Cries from Ramah with Mark Ivanir (Shindler’s List, Good Shepard, Get Smart) Anoush NeVart (Sex and the City 2, Must Love Dogs, ER) won several Best Film categories and qualified for the 79th Academy Awards.

Loren is also the Director of The Wiz Kidz DVD ( as well as, an upcoming feature with Justin Shilton (Little Miss Sunshine, Aviator) and Josh Alba (Dark Angel, Monk, and The Division). Learn more about Loren here. 

How and when are Intentional Acting classes right for my child’s acting career?

Whether your child is just starting out as an actor, or is a working young actor, truth is that there is always room to improve their craft.  If you are looking to develop, fine-tune or enhance your child’s acting skills and you’re tired of spending money on acting classes that leave you with more questions than answers, Intentional Acting is right for you.

If you are seeking the guidance and support, that is essential to succeed in your child’s career, Intentional Acting Classes will give your young actor a repeatable acting technique that creates consistent, authentic, and castable auditions and performances.  And, a Coach/Teacher who is an experienced Industry Professional committed to helping your child achieve their dreams. 

But don’t take our word for it.  Review what our students and their parents are saying and then hop over to the Children’s Classes department of our site and review the options available for taking your child’s career to the next level.

Look, no one is saying acting isn’t a tough business, but it doesn’t have to be tougher than many parents of child actors make it out to be.  Intentional Acting is a fun, rewarding and invigorating process that gives you and your young actor, the tools for taking full control of your child’s career when it matters most – right now!

Are you ready to take control of your child’s acting career? If so, it’s time to call 818-985-8504 or Email Loren to interview and sign up for the next Intentional Acting class today.

Is there any way to determine if my child has what it takes to succeed as an actor?

Neither Loren nor anybody in Hollywood can tell you if your child will succeed.  One thing we can say, however, is that every child can act.  It’s just a matter of how committed they are and how close they are to being performance ready.  In a Private Consultation or in the first class, Loren will give you an honest evaluation of your child’s ability and discuss with you directly their skill level and the best course of action.

My child has an agent.  The agent doesn’t want them taking acting classes but I want to ensure my child gets proper training.  Why should I sign up my child for Intentional Acting?

The best thing to do is to discuss this with your agent and find out their exact reasons for not wanting your child to take classes.  

Particularly with child actors, the most important things are personality and spontaneous responses. 

Often agents and managers are worried that acting classes will give the actor too much “technique” to think about, therefore dampening the young actor’s spontaneity and ability to just be themselves in front of the camera.  

The children’s acting division of Intentional Acting is specifically designed to bring out the child’s confidence and personality.  The methodology and coursework is designed so that the actor makes their own choices and inserts their personality into the script.

And the teaching style gives the children permission to play and be themselves on camera and off.  Loren is also willing to discuss with your agent their needs for your child.

Loren will make herself available to have a conference call between your child’s agent and yourself to discuss and better understand the needs of your child and their career. Please call 818-985-8504 or Email Loren today to discuss if Intentional Acting is right for your child.

My child’s grades are poor, should I wait until their grades get better before putting them in an Intentional Acting class?

No.  Repeatedly parents of Loren’s students say their children’s grades improve once they are in her class.   Students report more confidence speaking and reading in school. 

The constant script work improves their reading comprehension.  It has been proven that children who are doing something they love, such as acting, are more likely to find joy in their lives and focus in their schoolwork.

My child has never taken an acting class and has already landed some parts.  We’re getting great feedback, so why would they need an acting class?

If your child is finding work despite no formal training it is clear you’ve got some natural ability, but truth is you’re succeeding by accident. Winging it on natural talent will only get you so far in this industry. 

What all working actors possess, child actors included, is a technique that gives them the ability to perform consistently, so that Casting Directors and Directors can rely on them to give them what they want at the moment they need it.  

Without proper training you can be assured the day will come that your child’s performance will need something more than just natural talent. If they are not prepared or possess the foundation of a trained actor, they will find themselves in a situation where all eyes on the set will be on them, and they won’t know what to do. Don’t let this happen to your child. 

Intentional Acting acknowledges and works with the instincts that have gotten your child this far, while teaching them a skill set that will make them a consistent and reliable actor now and as they grow into adults.

Is your child ready to start succeeding by design and take control of their acting career? If so, it’s time to call 818-985-8504 or Email Loren to interview and sign up for the next Intentional Acting class today.

What kind of material do you work on in the Intentional Acting classes?

In Hollywood young actors need to know how to analyze, breakdown and be performance ready for television and film auditions. Therefore, the sides provided in class are from television and film scripts and are age appropriate.

Students will also work on age appropriate commercials and monologues. If a student has an audition, they are welcome to work on that in class, except in the sessions that have Industry showcases. 

For more information on the materials used during Intentional Acting classes feel free to call 818-985-8504 or Email Loren today.

How much rehearsal is required for my child outside of class?

Students of Intentional Acting are not required to rehearse outside of class.   In Hollywood, rehearsals are a luxury. Young actors need to know how to be ready to work without rehearsal.  

Therefore, students are encouraged to learn their lines at home and show up in class ready to go, just as if they were showing up on set ready to work.

There’s so many different acting schools for kids, each one saying they’re the best.  With that in mind, what’s so unique about Intentional Acting classes?

What makes Intentional Acting so unique and powerful is that the technique gives young actors usable skills that they can apply today, at their next audition or on a real working set.  Intentional Acting students will not be given theory or a multitude of exercises. 

Your child will be given a scene and put to work immediately, exercising and strengthening the muscles that they need on set and for being able to bring out the very best in their performance when they need it most.  

What makes Loren a great teacher?

Loren creates a safe and empowering atmosphere that allows her actors to grow outside of their comfort zone and to consistently achieve their best performances.  She is committed to every actor having multiple opportunities to work in every class. 

What is so unique is her level of expertise that she brings to her work as a classically trained actor and an Award Winning Director.  Loren knows what it means to audition, as well as, what Casting Directors, Directors, and Producers are looking to cast.

Are you ready to take control of your acting career? If so, it’s time to call 818-985-8504 or Email Loren to interview and sign up for the next Intentional Acting class today.  

My child needs help with their auditions; do you have an Intentional Acting “Audition” class for kids?

An actor spends 90% of their time auditioning. With that in mind, all Intentional Acting classes incorporate the necessary tools of auditioning so that each student is properly prepared to maximize the opportunities that auditions present.   

Can you teach me, the parent, how to help my child prepare for an audition?

Intentional Acting does not recommend that you coach your child for their audition. First of all, most parents are not trained to break down a script and how to prepare for an audition. 

Secondly, the child’s need to make their parents happy supersedes their focus on the best choices for the script. 

Thirdly, most children do not want to be coached by their parents and this often negatively impacts the child’s audition.

With all that said, the parent is usually the last person the child sees before they enter the audition room and often there is little to no time to arrange for a coaching. Therefore, it is important that a parent understands the breakdown of the script and how to set up their child to succeed.

You can request a private coaching with Loren, for you and your child, in which you will learn how to breakdown a script and how to help your child prepare before they go into the room. It is also recommended that you read the Special Report, The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting, and with your child, take the Intentional Script Analysis Teleseminar.

To learn more about how Intentional Acting prepares your child to succeed with their auditions please call Loren at 818-985-8504 or Email Loren to interview and sign up for the next Intentional Acting class today.

If my child is already getting auditions and landing roles is Intentional Acting really necessary?

John McCarthy of John McCarthy Casting states that there are 2,000 kids submitting for every role.  There are 2,000 people submitting for every role in Hollywood.  To draw a correlation between acting and Olympic level sports, as an actor your child is competing at the level of Olympian athletes.  

With that said, your child’s auditioning and acting skills need to be at the top of their game, every time they audition.  There is little room for error. To be any less prepared, is to compromise your opportunities. 

Being in class is like being an Olympic athlete going to practice.  For instance, do you think an elite athlete such as Michael Phelps skips practice and then shows up for the Olympics fully prepared to be at his best?  He wouldn’t think of it. And if you and your child are serious about their career as a professional actor neither should you or your child.

Are you ready to propel your child’s acting career?  If so, it’s time to call 818-985-8504 or Email Loren to interview and sign up for the next Intentional Acting class today.

My child’s new to acting and has never taken an Acting Class before. What should my child and I expect with Intentional Acting?

You should expect to see your child’s self-confidence increase and their performance anxiety lessen with training through Intentional Acting. 

You should expect that your child would gain a better understanding of what acting is and how to do it through the training Intentional Acting provides them.  And you should expect to see your child’s passion for acting and life increase, along with making new friends, as a result of being a student of Intentional Acting.

Does Intentional Acting guarantee auditions? 

No. The intent of Intentional Acting classes is solely educational. Any class in which an Industry Professional such as: Casting Director, Manager, Agent, Producer, Director, has been invited to teach, speak, or observe is for educational purposes only and by no means an audition for work. It is not a job interview. The presence of industry members is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment, but what your child will get is usable skills that they can apply to their next audition.

To learn more about the role Intentional Acting plays in helping your child get auditions please call Loren at 818-985-8504 or Email Loren to interview and sign up for the next Intentional Acting class today.

Can Loren and Intentional Acting help my child get an Agent? 

Loren prepares students and their parents for meetings with agents and managers.   90% of all students who prepare with Loren for their meetings get representation.  It is imperative that the parent is also coached for the meeting, as the parent is being interviewed as much as the child.  

On occasion, once having worked with the students, Loren has made referrals to agents and managers, but it is the actor who gets the agent. Opportunities arise for students who are in class and committed to their career. It is that commitment that creates opportunities, not Loren or Intentional Acting.

To learn more about the role Intentional Acting plays in helping your child get an agent or manager please call Loren at 818-985-8504 or Email Loren to interview and sign up for the next Intentional Acting class today.

Does Intentional Acting help my child get a S.A.G. card?

No. Intentional Acting can, however, prepare your child to consistently get into the “Zone” so as to nail the audition that will get them a union job.   Unless your child actor is already working as an actor, having a SAG card may not be in their best interest to get one. This is an important topic to discuss in a consultation with Loren.  

To learn more about a S.A.G. card and the Intentional Acting methodology call Loren at 818-985-8504 or Email Loren.

My child has gotten some callbacks but they haven’t secured any bookings.  Can Intentional Acting help them figure out what they may doing wrong?

Absolutely. Loren can assess your child work in the first class or in a Private Coaching and then discuss what she sees is working and what areas the child needs improvement.  From there she will discuss a specific plan tailored to your child’s needs to help them reach their goals.

Do you teach On Camera classes?

On Camera acting classes are reserved for Advanced classes and the week long On Camera Intensive held every summer. It is in these classes that advanced actors will practice auditioning and shooting scenes in front of a camera. 

They will develop their intuitive skill of knowing the size of the frame in which they are being filmed and develop the skill of being present in the moment, while being able to remain conscious of their body and performance and able to repeat it for multiple takes. 

At Intentional Acting we do not believe it is beneficial for any actor to review their filmed scene work until the actor has a strong command of the 9 Questions of Intentional Acting. 

Most great actors, i.e. Johnny Depp, Robert Redford, Nicole Kidman, do not watch their movies or themselves on camera. When shooting a film an actor rarely watches the playback.  Good actors know that acting is an inside job and that their focus must be on their intention and the other person in the scene. When the actor has done their job, the camera can do its job, which is to capture their performance.

To bring a camera into an acting class before an young actor can easily and consistently focus on their intention and making the other person the most important person in the scene, is to throw the actor’s focus back onto themselves, making them self-conscious and diminishing the progress of their acting training.

Click Here to learn about Intentional Acting’s week long On Camera Intensive in the summer.

I don’t live in the Los Angeles area so how can I work with Loren?

Loren offers online coaching via Skype or IChat as well as upcoming TeleSeminars. Click here for more information on our TeleSeminar classes.

How many classes should my child take?

Being in class, on a regular basis, is your child’s competitive edge in Hollywood. Studying acting is about developing muscles, habits, and thoughts in your brain and body that need to be kept in shape. 

There is an average of 2,000 child actors being submitted for every role.  Showing up for an audition, without having been in class is like playing at the Super Bowl without having been to practice.  With that much competition the room for error is razor thin and actors need to be at the top of their game.

What does it cost to sign up for an Intentional Acting class? 

There are variables involved in the cost of the Intentional Acting classes and Intentional Acting coaching programs.  Every young actor has different needs because they are at different stages of their career.

To find out the best way to serve you and your child’s specific needs call Loren at 818-985-8504 or Email Loren to interview and determine which Intentional Acting class or coaching program is best suited for your budget.

Do you offer any free classes that I can sign my child up for that will provide us a good idea of what they would experience in the actual Intentional Acting classes?

Launching in February 2011 Intentional Acting will be offering a Free Downloadable Virtual Acting Seminar. You will be able to meet Loren and hear her talk about Intentional Acting, as well as ask questions. 

The date for this will be announced soon so be sure to sign up for Loren’s exclusive Special Report “The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting”. This way you can not only learn more about Intentional Acting but also be one of the first to be notified of the Free seminar and sign up.

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