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Posted by admin, December 15, 2014 5:29 pm

Traditionally, pilot season runs from the beginning of January to about the first week of May.  With the proliferation of cable television, however, pilots now are being shot all year long.

A “pilot” is a sample episode that is presented to a network.  If the network likes it, they will air it to see what the ratings and reactions are to the show.  If it gets good ratings, the network will order another 7 to 13 episodes to air at the start of their season.

When you audition for a pilot, you never know if it will actually air on television.  Regardless, being cast is an invaluable opportunity to work, meet directors and producers, and boost your resume…so be ready!!

So how do you prepare for Pilot Season?

1.  Be in acting class! This is most important thing you can do to be at the top of your game.  Have a coach ready for last minute auditions.  It’s what working actors do so if you want to compete, you should, too.   And when you get that callback, make sure to schedule another coaching!  I’ve seen so many great opportunities missed because an actor didn’t come in prepped to book the job.

2.  Make sure your resume and pictures are up-to-date on casting websites, such as LA Casting and Now Casting.  And for heaven’s sake, make sure your agent and/or manager have what they need (current headshots, resumes, work permits, etc.) to get you hired quickly!

3.  Do your research.  Go on the internet and find out as much as you can about the show you’re auditioning for.  If you don’t find anything, Google the network, producers, and directors.

4.  For young actors, be sure your work permit is up to date.

5.  Take it easy: this is also the time for colds and flu, so get plenty of rest.

And as always, don’t forget:   Have Fun!

Let us know your thoughts on this blog and be sure to share how you’ve prepared to leverage the opportunities of pilot season.



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