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Posted by admin, January 28, 2015 8:13 pm

There isn’t an actor alive who hasn’t experienced rejection.  And there’s no way around it…



But what if you’ve been rejected so many times you just want to throw it all away and quit?

Here are a few things to get you back on track.

1) Go Back to Why You Started.

What inspired you? What grabbed your heart and made you think you had to move heaven and earth to do this?  Go back to that moment and spend time there; you’ll remember what you love about this nutty business and why it means so much to you.  Keep those moments in your acting notebook.

2) Remember That It’s Not Always All About You

There are so many factors that go into a casting director’s choice.  Often it has nothing to do with your talent and more to do with something you have no control over (hair color, height, etc.)  And it’s always good to be in front of a casting director no matter what, so your effort’s never wasted.

3)    Get Support

Talk to your agent, your manager, your coach and anyone else you have in your corner.  And then, TAKE THEIR ADVICE.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had agents and managers tell me that their clients are whining about not going out or booking, but they won’t update headshots or resumes, won’t return calls, etc.  Take your craft seriously so that others will, too!

4)    Get Back On the Horse

I know you don’t want to.  Really.  But you MUST.  If you feel your enthusiasm flagging, keep going.   Get ACTIVE.  Get into a class, talk to your teacher, get some private coaching.  It’ll motivate you!  And it’s the only way to push yourself out of your rut…and back into your dream career!

5)      Remember:  Don’t give up ’til the miracle happens.

Walt Disney was turned down by 120 banks.  Yes, 120 banks said “An amusement park in the orange groves?  It will never work.”  1000 restaurants rejected Colonel Sanders’ fried chicken recipe.  So he started his own restaurant.  My academy award qualifying film, Cries From Ramah, was rejected by 30 film festivals.  But then the 31st film festival accepted it…and it won Best Short Film.   Don’t give up.  It could be the next audition that books the job.

You’re the only one who can make this happen, but you don’t have to get there on your own.  Get support, get inspired, get busy…and GET ACTING!


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One Response to “How to Keep Plugging…Even When You Don’t Want to Plug Anymore”

  1. You always seem to inspire me Loren! Kudos to you and your acting tips that I always read!

    I am living prove of this dream……and are always grateful for the support and love I have from you and countless others who have always been there for me whether it is physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

    Thank you!
    Humberto L. Meza

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