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Posted by admin, October 28, 2015 5:01 pm

There’s definitely an art to sketch comedy and it’s a great one to master as an actor because it gives you the flexibility to do so many other things.  Remember to use what you learned in Part 1, then add these:

-Don’t Telegraph.

As with physical comedy, don’t give the gag away.  Don’t flinch before you fall, don’t look at where the pie is going to come from.  Stay in the moment and you will simply react naturally.

-Less is more.

Don’t mug or be intentionally goofy (unless that’s what the script calls for.)  Avoid the temptation of extraneous movement (fidgeting, shifting nervously, etc.)  Work in front of a mirror so that you become conscious of what your body’s doing when your busy acting.

-Have fun!!

Remember why you’re here!  Comedy can be challenging, but it’s also a blast!  And expected the unexpected; when you’re present, listening, and reacting, you create a space for the funny to happen …and that’s where the magic is.  There’s no place where you’ll work harder, learn more or laugh as much as when you do comedy!


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