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Why choose Loren E. Chadima’s Intentional Acting?

Because the quality of your child’s audition is worth it.

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According to John McCarthy of John McCarthy Casting, there are 2,000 kids submitted for every role.  With that much competition the room for error is razor thin and actors need to be at the top of their game.

The child who gets the job is confident, comfortable in their own shoes and can easily talk about themselves and the script, in a room full of adults.

At the same time Casting Directors, Agents, Producers, and Directors want to see children being children, playing and having fun.

The young actor who can bring their personality and playfulness to the script, and show that they understand and perform the story, in an authentic and compelling way, will be the one to get the job.

Only performers who know how to combine their look and talent, with strong acting and audition skills, will be the ones actively working in television and film. This is where Loren E. Chadima’s acclaimed Intentional Acting comes in.

Led by Award-Winning Director and one of the top Acting Coaches in America, Loren E. Chadima, Intentional Acting is designed to not only teach your child the art of acting thorough script analysis, but also utilizes the nine (9) Intentional Acting questions that are at the center of all acting – doing.

Is your child’s acting career ready to go to the next level?

If so, call 818-325-5752 or fill out the form below to schedule an interview with Loren and determine if Intentional Acting classes are right for your child’s career.

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