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Isn’t It Time You Take the Guesswork Out of What It Takes To Consistently Get Into the “Zone”?


Whether you’re a seasoned meeting planner, in charge of booking speakers for your organization or you’re an actor looking to further sharpen your acting skills, you know that locating a speaker who is professional, dependable, and possess a deep, real-world knowledge of the acting profession is easier said than done…until now.

Beyond being an award-winning director and having been named as one of the “Best Acting Coaches in the United States” by the American Federation of Performing Artists, Loren E. Chadima is also a popular and in-demand professional speaker. The intention of all her speaking engagements is to empower both adult actors and young actors to uncover their authentic selves – on camera and off.

Overview of Loren’s Most Popular Presentation Topics.


Click on the following links to download two PDF documents containing an overview of Loren’s two most popular speaking topics for adult actors and young actors and their parents.

Intentional Acting for Young Actors & Their Parents: How to Create a Smooth Path to Consistent Bookings

Intentional Cold Reading for Adult Actors: How to Create a Smooth Path to Consistent Bookings

View One of Loren’s Presentations Below.


Being At Your Best When It’s Needed Most.


As the founder and inspirational force behind the acclaimed acting methodology Intentional Acting, Loren understands what it takes for an actor to be at their best when it’s needed most. Her acute understanding and application of the skills and knowledge needed for actors to consistently create compelling, natural “Zone” performances, amid intense pressure, is delivered in engaging, easy to grasp and inspirational presentations.

Who Should Attend Loren’s Presentations?


The tools, principles and methodologies taught through Intentional Acting will help actors, at all levels, as well as both entertainment related and non-entertainment business professionals to be confident, creative, and passionate in securing their desired outcomes with their careers and lives.

Here’s a brief listing of the type of individuals who have attended Loren’s presentations:

  • Seasoned “Working” Actors
  • Actors Continuing Study
  • New Actors
  • Child Actors and their Parents
  • Casting Directors
  • Agents & Managers
  • Non-Entertainment Professionals
  • (Attorneys, Salespeople, Entrepreneurs, Executives)


Give Your Audience The Answers They’re Seeking by Hiring Loren E. Chadima for Your Next Event.


Enhance your next meeting, conference, or convention with an award-winning director and respected and accomplished acting coach. When you hire Loren as your next speaker she will not only make you look good but she will deliver long-term value to your audience.

To have Loren speak at your next event call 818-985-8504 or Email Loren today.


Life Lessons as an Actor & the Pursuit of Your Dreams

Click on the link below to listen to popular online-radio host Rick Tocquigny’s inspirational and engaging interview with Loren Chadima, award-winning director and founder of Intentional Acting. The interview took place on Rick’s Embracing Life’s Lessons daily talk show.

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