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Posted by admin, May 13, 2015 2:51 pm

Intentional Acting’s Question #1 is designed to help you see the whole picture.   First, go back and view the story created in your mind by the first question; kind of like you’re watching it on TV.  Do you see the characters, where they are and what the conflict is?

Once you do, you’re ready to go to Intentional Acting’s Question #2:

Ask yourself, “How do I relate?” Then look for the similarities.  When have you been in this situation or (something similar) as your character?   Concentrate on what you relate to.  Do you notice that you’re saying to yourself, “I’ve never done that, I don’t do that.”

That negative thinking distances you from your character and stops you from getting inside your character’s mind.   It won’t help your performance and it won’t help you.   If you haven’t had the same experience as your character, don’t panic!  Now’s the time to use your imagination and think, “Well, what would that be like?”  Have fun! Explore that situation and the possibilities and think – what would I do if that were me?

Remember:  you can’t play a character you don’t like or can’t relate to.   Find your connection point and build on it.
Next time:  Don’t give up, get help.  Find a way to relate!


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