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Posted by admin, May 20, 2015 4:22 pm

Once you can relate, you can start to think about what’s next:  what does this experience feel like?  This gets you into your emotional being: the part of you that feels what it’s like to do something. This is NOT intellectual.  You’ve got to switch off your analytical brain and look for the element of the scene that creates a sensual response in you.  Once you’ve connected with the feeling in the scene, a light goes off inside you and you think, “Hey!  I know what that’s like!”  This is your emotional “a-ha” moment.  For instance, even if you’ve never ridden a rollercoaster, you can imagine what it’s like.  You can feel the trepidation as the car chugs endlessly up the track.  You know that weird twist in the pit of your stomach as you pause for a split second at the top.  You can pretty easily imagine what it’s like to drop straight down at a ferocious speed with the wind whipping your face.  It’s not intellectually definable; it’s straight-up feeling.

Figuring out your emotional connection to your scene is the most authentic way to build your character’s reaction, so start now!

Next time:  Get out of your head and into your scene!


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