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Posted by admin, June 8, 2015 1:44 pm

This is the very foundation of Intentional Acting because once you have an intention, you have everything. Knowing your intention will ignite your being, your heart, your mind, and your body.  Once you’ve got that, you will intuitively and easily know what to do…and how to do it.

Intention is the same as a goal, purpose, objective or action. So let’s break it down: what do you want? More specifically, what do you need from the other character(s)?  Every character in every scene needs something from the other character(s) or the scene won’t work.

But having a good intention is not enough.  In order to really make your scene work, you need to be very specific.  Honing your intention comes after you know what the scene is about, how you relate to your character and what the experience is like.   Then, you simply have to ask yourself:  when I lived that similar experience, what did I need the other person to do, say or feel?

Your intention must directly connect with the other person in the

scene. If what you need doesn’t require that you get anything from the other character(s) in the scene, your intention will be a swing and a miss. You must need the other characters to do, say or feel something.

Next Time:  How to hone your intention!


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