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Posted by admin, June 30, 2015 12:44 pm

Although they’re often they are lumped together, motivation and intention are very different things.  There’s even physical proof:  they actually happen in different parts of the brain!

Intention is:  WHAT do you want the other person to feel or do?

Motivation is:  WHY do you have to get the person to do that – right now?

Motivation creates urgency – one of the most important things you need to drive both you and your scene.

You know how smokers say they want to quit but never do?  They have the intention to quit but they lack the motivation.  My dad always said he wanted to quit (intention) but it wasn’t until a minor stroke landed him in the emergency room that he finally threw his cigarettes in the garbage  (motivation.)  Once his life was at risk (those are stakes – coming in a future acting tip!), he had the motivation to say good-bye to smoking forever.

In order to apply this to the scene you’re in, you have to ask yourself:

Why do I have to have to have my intention RIGHT NOW?

Not tomorrow, not next week or later today, but RIGHT. NOW.

Next up:  What motivation looks like in practice!


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