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“Loren helped me overcome the biggest obstacle of all: Myself! This allowed me to focus on the real work of acting.”

~Max Grodenchik: Bruce Almighty, Apollo13, Six Feet Under, Sister Act, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

“OMG, your coaching took me to the next level!!! I gave the read of my life at the audition. All in all it was solid all around. My monologue was so connected that when I finished it I was shaking. What an experience!! I don’t care what happens with the part because I made a major breakthrough in my acting. That’s all that really counts. You are the best!!!! Thank you!!!” (He booked the job!)

~ Ara Anton: Something’s Gotta Give, CSI:NY, Ghost Whisperer, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Private Practice

“Loren Chadima has been a wonderful help in guiding me towards the empowerment needed in the audition room and on the job. She has a natural ability to help actors find that deep personal connection to the writer’s work and investigate what it is they want to say through a writer’s material. She’s all about finding the “fun” that actors feed off of! I would definitely recommend every actor have the opportunity to work with such a talented, nurturing, and passionate acting coach like Loren.”

~ April Hong: Desperate Housewives, ER, 90210, General Hospital

“Loren’s coaching and teaching has helped me to expand my skills and abilities, giving me more tools and techniques to pull from my proverbial “tool box” to use when I audition and when I perform; I find I am automatically using the Intentional Acting Methodology which Loren teaches. My acting instincts have sharpened and my acting insights are deeper. Loren’s work makes a strong foundation to work from. My self confidence is higher because of it.”

~ Chelsea Taylor: Grey’s Anatomy, Passions, General Hospital

“I just booked my first feature film: Internal Behavior 2. I am learning a lot from you. Thank you for everything. See you in class.”

~ Vincent Cash: Internal Behavior

“Knowing myself, I work alone best.  Fortunately, Loren proved me wrong.  Her ability as an acting coach helped clarify my work.”

~Darren Frazier: Deaf West’s National Tour of Big River, Law And Order

“Getting coached by Loren is both challenging and exhilarating. Loren helps you realize your gifts, opening the door to your most powerful self.”

~ Deneen Frazier: Head Over Heels, Hoboken Hollow, Harvest of Redemption

“I have no intentions of stopping your class until the day I die, but I really do see a change in myself since the first day I walked into your class. I feel like I have gone further in your class than in any other class I’ve been in. In other classes I feel as though I was ripped off, and that I didn’t even get close to my potential. Thank you for giving me the confidence.”

~ Alexandra Kolvalchik

“It is such a pleasure working with you, I’m learning so much. It seems as though every time I go out there these days, I somehow benefit from implementing or observing the things I’ve learned from you. I now have an agent which I didn’t have before I started working with you. I also now know exactly what to do on my auditions with a confidence that just feels easy and effortless.”

~ Will Walls: Comedian, Opening Act for James Brown and the Isley Brothers and performed at The IceHouse, The Improv on Melrose, Irvine, and Ontario

“I just want to thank you very much for being such an amazing coach, friend and person. So far, I have grown so much in this class, from everyone in that class, especially from you. I have gained the true meaning of who i really am and what I am really capable of doing. Not only in class, but out in the world. You have been a huge influence in my life and acting career. You have giving me the steps that I need to overcome my obstacles. I continue to learn from you and the enticing words of wisdom you throw at us. You are a very powerful and passionate person and we all appreciate your guidance through our success in our acting careers. Thank you Loren!!”

~ Rolando Madrigal

I want to thank you again for another great class. I always come out of class a better actor than I went in. You’re awesome!”

~ Johnathan Kundly

“It has only been TWO weeks since I’ve attended your class and I have to say… it has already been life changing. Thank you for doing this…you are an amazing teacher and are giving your students a gift for life.”

~ Elena Polansky

“I wanted to thank you for working with me the other day and share my little victory with you. THANK YOU for helping me and giving me confidence, it really helped me in my audition, in fact the playwright herself was auditioning actors that day and I got a great response from her. She said or I was funny in my delivery, she got to see the unusual choices and was pleasantly surprised (though she wrote it herself and knows every word of that monologue). She immediately gave me a call back, her personal email.”

~Anya Aveava



“Thanks to Loren and her amazing On-Camera Intensive I learned on-set terms and how it feels to be on a real set. I also got a high quality demo reel. I felt like a star. We had a professional camera crew, as well as, hair & make-up. Everything was about us, the students. My reel has also helped get me an outstanding agent.”

~ Traneah Destiny: Desperate Housewives


“In a ten minute phone call, before an audition, Loren took me from confusion to clarity by asking me simple but vital questions. I got out of my head and into the work and I booked the job!  It should be known that the service that you provide, particularily on the phone, is incredibly valuable to everybody.”

~ Harry McNeil: The Bare Show

“I just want to thank you for your amazing words of wisdom. In less than ten minutes you helped me feel less nervous and more prepared for my audition. And it went really well!  You are such an incredible teacher, human being and role model.”

~ Christina Cannarella: Off the Map, Private Practice



“Loren runs a great cold reading class. She is honest, astute and precise in regards to the levels at which everyone is working. The afternoon after her class I booked a great improv-based webseries! I also had a commercial audition that same afternoon that went really well. Even though I didn’t book that gig I made a great connection with the CD.”

~ Lila Dupree:  The Golden Boys, Roadside Attractions, European Son, Assatta, Pour Toujours Avec La Moustache.

“Loren is the real deal. She gives detailed and helpful coaching and she really cares unlike other teachers who just seem to want to take your money.”

~Tarnue Massaquoi: Soul Diaspora, No Absolution

“Loren, You are doing your calling. You are a great master teacher: vulnerable, open, seeking what each student desires. You are full of insights and you have a clear mastery of your subject. You are affirming and challenging yet you check in with your students about how they are doing, are they getting what they wanted. You have a clear passion for acting and actors and teaching cold reading…bravo!”

~ Mark Kliewer

“Your class at AFI conservatory this summer was such an eye opening experience. I continually turn to suggestions you made to get more organic and real. Your teaching style is so honest, direct and compassionate. I felt comfortable, safe and couldn’t wait to jump in to a scene knowing “why” I made the choices I did. I seriously had fun and learned more in an hour than I could have imagined. So excited to work with you again soon.”

~ Leeza Miller Hilton



“I want to thank Loren Chadima for her awesome coaching.  My daughter met Loren during her agent’s workshop.  Loren told me that Jessica was very talented but needed to work on connecting more with her character.  Shortly after the workshop, Jessica had a callback for a very dramatic and intense scene.  I remembered the conversation I had with Loren and knew she was the right person to coach Jessica for her callback.  We met with Loren and she explained her intentional acting techniques and really worked with Jessica on connecting with the character.  After one session with Loren, I could see a huge difference in Jessica’s acting skills.  She was able to breakthrough and really connected to the character.  She had an “ah-ha” moment.  Jessica went to the callback and booked her very first made for TV movie role.  Loren is such a blessing and a gift.  She knows how to pull those inner most feelings out of a child and help them to use them to fully connect to the character.  We have worked with many coaches in LA but Loren has that “special touch.” I would definitely recommend her and will be using her again.  We are forever grateful!”

-Jennifer Pressley, mother of Jessica Pressley: Visons, The Last Punch, Vangels IRA


“Loren is an amazing teacher!  She helps me understand the meaning underneath the lines.  She helps me really connect with the reader and relate as if I were talking to maybe my best friend.  I’ve really learned a lot form Loren, and I cannot wait to see what other things hold in the future with her help!”

-Sharon Batan: Honda


“A year ago, when my son started acting classes with Loren, he lacked confidence, he had performance anxiety, he mumbled and avoided eye contact with other people.  Just last week, he booked a supporting role in the Feature Film, Sacred Oath.  This role will become a lead role in the sequel film.  He couldn’t have done this without Loren’s teaching and coaching.”

~Nina McArthur, mother of Taro and Kieran McArthur: Sacred Oath, Winter’s Blood

“Loren’s classes are a once in a lifetime experience that leave you wanting more.  She teaches you techniques that other classes don’t. Loren is a very wonderful, open, and caring person.  She makes you reach goals you never thought you could.”

~ Jonathan Robinson, 16: Norbit, Power Rangers, Without a Trace, The Guardian

“I’ve been in many acting classes and I’ve gotten more out of the five weeks I’ve spent with Loren than any other class I’ve ever attended. I wish I would’ve found Loren years ago.”

~ Traneah Destiny: Desperate Housewives

Excellent. Refreshing. Loren is not afraid to correct and point out areas that need improvement.”

~ Melissa Gelfand, Daughter Victoria Grace, 10, Tracks

“Anthony was on “avail” for a Best Buy commercial this week. Although he didn’t get it I just wanted to tell you that he took it with aplomb and just kept going. He’s got a great attitude and I thought you should know because it’s due to your great training with him over the years.”

~ Marty Safir, father of Anthony Safir, 14: Cox Cable, TMobile, GE/Taylor Guitars, Destroy Build Destroy

“Ben’s new agent paid him a great compliment on his reading, so I just wanted to thank you for teaching him how to read for an agent and for an audition. The confidence you’ve given him just got him a job as a Calvin Klein model!”

~ Ginny Etheridge, mother of Ben Etheridge, IMTA 2009 New York Overview Runway Model

“I know that every time I have a session with Loren I grow not only as an actor but also as a person because she helps me overcome my obstacles.  Loren has successfully coached me in booking several jobs.”

~ Allison Brainerd, 16: Boost Mobile, Deannie’s Last Birthday

“Loren’s coaching is incredible! We leave her sessions as different people. What she does is so important (not just for acting, but for life!) She finds a way to get out of Justin, what he doesn’t know he has.  My kids are no longer afraid to talk to people.  Loren makes learning fun and she knows how to pull out of the kids what they need for the scene.  My boys are now more confident and well spoken thanks to Loren.  She really cares for these kids.”

~ April Rios, Mother of Justin, 12: Pepsi, Malcolm in the Middle

“Grace is excited to go to your class each week, and expresses to us joy and a feeling of satisfaction afterwards. We appreciate your guidance and seemingly nice mix of candor w/ sensitivity. Thank you so very much for being a fine example of a strong and smart woman/professional & with a very kind heart. You have definitely made a positive impact on the foundation of the woman that Grace is quickly becoming, and I know that the person you are will always be a part of who she is because of your time with her.”

~ Melanie, mother of Grace, 15

“I would like to take the time to thank you for your acting classes.  My daughter’s father was near death and with her feeling down and unable to cope, her grades were really falling down.  She was failing and in danger of not graduating. So this is when I bought her to your school.  Your teaching filled her with joy and confidence. I just wanted to report that she got 3 A’s, 2 B’s and 1 C.  She will be graduating from high school this year.  I just wanted to take the time to thank you.

~ BJ Strother

“I love your acting classes and seeing you, you are the best and the coolest! You have helped me out to getting my personality out of my shy shell, & it has made people think of me differently to where I have been making a lot more friends and people liking me for who I am. I just wanted to THANK YOU for that.”

~ Ashley, age 12

“Class yesterday went extremely well. First of all, let me say that I’m completely blown away by those kids. They are so smart and their grasp of language is incredible – you’ve obviously made a huge impact on them. They were saying things like “increasing the stakes”, “being clear about my intention”, “making the other person the most important person in the scene”. I’ve never heard kids (or adults for the most part) talk so intelligently and insightfully about their craft. I’m SOOO impressed!!!! What a thrill to teach them. I know I’m gushing here….it’s genuine.”

~ Michael Cohen, Substitute Teacher and Actor: The Whole Truth, Wizards of Waverly Place, Grossology, My Name is Earl, Eastwick

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