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Posted by admin, May 15, 2015 11:52 am

Maybe you don’t have the answer to Question #2 right away.  Often we are so close to our own experiences that we can’t find the connection between our lives and the events of the scene.

This is where a family member or friend can help.  Say, “Hey, I’m working on this scene and I can’t find how I relate to it – what do you think?”

Parents, this is where you are vital in helping your child actors.  I often watch a parent or friend tell an actor, “Yes, you’ve been through that.  Remember when…”

If a family member or friend can’t help, it’s time to make a quick call to your acting coach and say, “This is where I’m stuck, what are your thoughts?”

Once you do get the answer, write it down!  This will help you remember it and give you perspective on how the experiences are similar.

Don’t give up looking for a way to relate, because that’s your job as an actor.  You can’t do this by judging or distancing yourself from the character, but you can do it by finding your common experience.  This also creates compassion for your character, so you’ll feel what happens in the scene the way your character would.  Make that connection and it will allow your audience to do the same.

Once you recall your life experience as it relates to the character (or some experience that might be similar), you’re ready to ask Intentional Acting Question #3!


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