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Posted by admin, April 19, 2012 11:04 am

What happened the moment before the scene started? This is a key question to get your scene off to a strong start. Just be sure you answer it specifically.

I find most actors attend the University of MSU (Make Stuff Up) and fail to look for the answer in the script.   The clues are in the script! Before going to MSU, read the script again with the intention that it will tell you what happened the moment before.

Remember it’s the moment before, not the hour or day before. What happened the second before your scene started?  Think logically what did the last person say before you entered or logically what would have happened before this scene.

Use your moment before to make a strong choice. Come in expecting the opposite of what actually happens in the scene. For example: The script says your character asks your boss for a raise and the boss says “No.”  Enter the scene expecting your boss to say, “Yes” and allow yourself to discover the disappointment of not getting the raise.

Comment below to let other actors know how your choices for the moment before helps your auditions.


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