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Posted by admin, December 22, 2014 7:33 pm

Gratitude Defined: Expressing thanks for favors received.

John McCarthy Casting estimates that there are up to 2000 people submitting for every single role.  If you get an audition, he says, “You should be grateful.”

Being grateful isn’t relegated to just working as a paid actor. If you’re reading this, whether you are being paid or not, being an actor means living the life you were born to.  It might not be easy, and you might be paid, right now, and contrary to what many of us may have been taught, no one struggles in isolation and no one triumphs in obscurity.  Actors have so much to be grateful for.


To those of us in Los Angeles pursuing our dream, we forget that we are very lucky to live here in the Entertainment Industry capital.  We forget to be grateful that we have agents and managers.  And that we get to go on auditions for commercials, television, and film that other people watch at home.

Many people around the world would love to be able to do these things.  I know because I get emails from people from all over asking how they can get the opportunities that we have.

Other people in this world are not so lucky.  Some don’t even have the luxury to think about acting because all they can think about is how their family will survive the winter.

At your next audition, be grateful for the opportunity to be seen by this Casting Director.   Be grateful to your agent for the work they did to get you there.   And be grateful to anybody or anything that helped you get to that audition – like a kind boss who let you out of work or your car that got you there safely.


When you walk into your audition with gratitude, you are empowering yourself to rise above any and all perceived obstacles.


My passion for inspiring actors not only brings me a tremendous amount of joy, but this work allows me to take care of my family doing what I love. For this I am incredibly grateful for you and everyone who has supported Intentional Acting by reading my posts and for the work I’m called to do through Intentional Acting.

Blessings to your and your family and have a happy and joyous Holiday season.


Please feel free to share this article with those you believe could benefit from it. And if you have any stories about how gratitude has helped your career please share below in the comments. Thank you.
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One Response to “‘Tis the Season!!”

  1. Dear Loren I like the light you are revealing for those to see, it’s good…and I believe our purpose in life, in general, is to feel good. I felt good about what you said. Happy Holidays to you…to life.

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