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Posted by admin, July 31, 2013 2:24 pm

Many Casting Directors and Directors will communicate using “Result Directions.”  They are valid direction but as my teacher, Anne Bogart, taught me, “An actor needs to know how to fill it.” Here are some examples of Result Directions:

1. Line readings: “Say it like this…”

2. Facial Expressions: “Give me a sad face.”

3. Gestures:  “Hold your hand like this, on this line.”

4. Result Coaching:   “Act cute.”  “Be coy”  “ Be Sarcastic.”

You “fill it” by finding the intention and connecting your intention to the other person – the most important person in the scene. Here’s how to “Fill It:”

1. “Say it like this” Listen to the meaning of the line rather than what it sounds like. Communicate the meaning.

2. “Give me a sad face.” Ask yourself – why am I sad and what do I want to make the other person in the scene feel?

3. “Hold your hand like this, on this line.” Ask yourself – why do I make this gesture now and what will it make the other person in the scene feel?

4. “Act cute.” “Be coy.” “Be sarcastic.” Ask yourself – when you’re being cute, coy or sarcastic – what do you what the other person to feel?

Your answers will give you the intention, now fight for your intention. This will “fill in” the result direction and give the director something with which to work.

How do you work with result direction?  Share your experience in the comments.


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