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Posted by admin, July 10, 2013 3:37 pm

These are answers direct from Casting Director’s mouths who have come as Guest Speakers to Intentional Acting.

Here are the DONT’S in asking questions in the audition room.

1. Don’t ask a question just to ask a question.

Many actors have heard through the grapevine  “You should ask a question.”  It’s seems like a good way to build rapport with casting.  But it’s not.  They know when you’re trying to force relationship and it will work against you. And definitely….

2. Don’t ask a personal question to make small talk.

3. Don’t ask a question if the answer is in the script.

Do your homework. Breakdown that script. Know how to pronounce words and names. (That’s why you have the internet on your phone.)  You can even ask the assistant.

4. Don’t ask a question about how they want you to play something and then not be able to deliver it.

If you can’t deliver the redirect – don’t ask for it. Nothing will hurt you more. And if you can’t deliver the redirect – GET IN A CLASS!

Share below how you’ve managed questions in your auditions and help another actor.


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