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Posted by admin, April 15, 2015 5:51 pm

So why is it so important to keep an Acting Notebook?  Because without it, you’re not tracking information that could help you, you’re not keeping resource data that could serve you, and you’re dooming yourself to repeat past mistakes!

Here’s how to start building a successful Acting Notebook TODAY:

1)       Track ALL of your audition feedback; the good, the bad and the ugly.
There is no better way to track your progress and learn from your mistakes.

2)      Journal about your work in class and in private coachings. What did you learn in each class?  What notes did your teacher give you?  How are you feeling about your acting, your career, and your progress?  By journaling, you’ll begin to see what common notes keep coming up.  Perhaps it’s vulnerability, or remembering not to over-act, or a comment on keeping it simple.  When you see it in written down, you can improve on it.  Amazing, magical things have happened for me when I’ve written regularly about my creative process.

3) Keep a list of Casting Directors and Directors.
I tell this to the actors in my classes all the time!  Every time you watch a movie, a tv show or anything else that grabs your interest, make a note of who the Director and Casting Director were.  Should you happen to meet up with them in an audition, you’ll have an immediate reference for their work and what they’re looking for.  And it’s always great when you can talk to them about what they’ve done!

4) The 9 Questions.
Having these with you will make it a snap to break down any scene before an audition.  Be sure to keep some blank paper in there, too, so you can use those questions again and again!

5) Script Analysis Breakdown Tips.
Intentional Acting Script Analysis Teleseminars are INVALUABLE.  Take the time to listen in, then keep those notes in your Acting Notebook!

6) Acting Tips.

Every time you get an acting tip that speaks to you, whether it be from me, another teacher , a Casting Director, or an actor – put it in your Acting Notebook.  They’ll remind you how to make your partner the most important person in the scene, how to find your intention and fight for it, how to prepare an audition tape and loads more!

7) Your Successes.

Nothing will keep you going like seeing your successes in black and white.  This is one of the toughest businesses around and rejection is everywhere.  So it’s important to keep your spirits up and your eye on the prize.  Looking at what you’ve already done will help you recover faster when you feel discouraged…and it’ll inspire you to keep going!

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