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Hollywood is a really tough business which is why Loren E. Chadima actor, award-winning acting coach, and filmmaker, created The Three Pillars of Intentional Acting which helps dozens of actors to start working and keep working in Hollywood.

The Three Pillars of Intentional Acting

The 8 Keys of Intentional Script Analysis

Imagine a simple process that helps you confidently breakdown any script with only three minutes to prepare.

The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting

Acting principles found in all major acting techniques formed into questions that trigger the actor into character instantly.

The 10 Tools of Intentional Comedy

Practical, repeatable, and specific tools that  get the laugh, regardless if you’re naturally funny or not.

Hollywood is a crazy, tough business.

I booked a Series Regular in a Pilot!  Your class made me undeniable in the room – casting laughed! I feel confident with comedy which I’ve never felt before – thanks to your 10 Tools of Intentional Comedy.  

Antonique Smith
Genius: Aretha, Notorious, Sacred Lies, Luke Cage, Shots Fired

Loren teaches kids how to breakdown the script and then put themselves into the characters.  Madison benefited so much from her classes.

Jennifer Han, Mother of Madison Hu

Bizaardvark, Best Friends Whenever, Gracie and Frankie, The Goldbergs

Thank you for bringing back my confidence! As you always say, “Acting is SIMPLE, it’s not EASY”  By using the 9 questions of Intentional Acting, I now approach my cold readings from a more calm, grounded place.  I’m beginning to trust the simplicity of it more and I’m really connecting in my auditions.

Kevin Gardner

Big Little Lies, Ten Days in the Valley, Roseanne, Tracey Takes On…, Cybill, General Hospital

We had been told to breakdown a script and find the beats but we never understood how.  The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting made it perfectly clear and now we understand the script and can find all the clues. Loren taught us things I’d never heard in other classes – things that helped us book a series regular and a feature film.

D’Ambrosio Twins

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, Dawn; The Young & The Restless, Criminal Minds

Loren’s class reminded me why acting is fun and that I am good enough. I now know when to ask for her help on a script and when to TRUST MYSELF.  Intentional Acting brought back my confidence. On my recent movie shoot I could TRUST MYSELF and know that I am already capable of the role. That’s all one can ask of a teacher

Felisha Cooper

The Bold and The Beautiful, Rosewood, NCIS, The Last Ship, Criminal Minds, Swedish Dicks

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