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Loren E. Chadima

Creator, Intentional Acting

At thirteen, I auditioned for ABC television, but I didn’t get called back.  My nerves always got the best of me. I quit acting and became a Director.  My films won several awards and one was shortlisted for the Academy Awards. Creating and teaching Intentional Acting gave back my dream of acting. I have recently booked roles in two feature films and a commercial.

I  never want anyone to feel the pain of giving up on their dreams like I did.  My commitment is to help actors to know what is missing in their work and give them the tools to fix it.

Intentional Acting has worked for many actors and launched the careers of actors like Madison Hu in BIZAARDVARK; Bex Taylor-Klaus in THE KILLING; and Isabella Balbi in AMERICAN CRIME STORY.

Loren was voted as one of “The Best Acting Coaches in the United States.”

Class Schedule: Adults, Teens, and Young Actors

California Child Performer Permit # 1000388841

Christopher Craven

I have studied Intentional Acting with Loren for over ten years and was recently certified as an Intentional Acting Teacher.  The career of my dreams is coming true. 

I’m represented by BAM Management and have been seen in a TV series UNDERTOW,  several films and various commercials.  I am an award-winning theatre actor and Champion Irish dancer. 

My passions include choral singing, sharing my love of acting with young actors and writing my blog. Check it out:

Class Schedule: Young Actors, Teens

California Child Performer Permit – #1000692557

Our teachers are not only great teachers but working actors, improvisers, theatre people, and filmmakers. They must be certified by Creator, Loren E. Chadima after they undergo a three-step interview process, study Intentional Acting as an actor for a year, assist Loren in classes, and take a written test.


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